In 1992, we moved into our home which had a lot framed with 7 beautiful maple trees.  The 1906 Colonial Revival home was grand but definitely lacked any landscaping.  The large buckeye tree in the backyard, a clump of burgundy daylilies, and an old fashioned spirea bush were the only existing bits of the past after 86 years.

We moved our home furnishings, a 12 foot gazebo, and 3 pick-up loads of perennials that we had collected to their new location.  After placing the gazebo in the backyard, we unveiled a cement edging that had been the original curb for the carriage house.  Our perennials were placed around the gazebo and our gardens began to evolve.

Over the years, Byron and I have enjoyed collecting, planting, digging, separating. lifting, watering, and nurturing our gardens.  As of this year, we have over 50 species of perennials, 100 different hybrid daylilies, 107 varieties of hosta, 7 grafted ornamental trees, and yes its true - 250 plants of coralbells. 

Each year we plant over 700 annuals to provide constant color throughout the summer to complement the perennials.  Our color scheme has always been shades of pink and purple with an accent of soft yellow.

This is not work for us - it is what we love to do.  We hope you enjoy it also as you drive past or walk through our gardens.

Byron and Gail









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