Colonial White House Bed and Breakfast was listed on the national Register of Historic Places in 1994.  It is listed as W.T.S. White House and Carriage House.  The home is an exceptional example in the area of architecture, as one of the best residential examples of Colonial Revival design in the city of Clarinda. 

Built in 1906, this property, well preserved and carefully maintained, continues to be a prominent home in Clarinda.  The exterior and the interior of this property physically reflects its period of significance.


The W.T.S. White House and Carriage House is an excellent example of virtually unaltered transitional Colonial Revival design.  These large, well-built homes were a style unto themselves.  It was a Post-Victorian architecture.  1895-1910 was a transition period.  This home reflects the transition in taste.  Contextually it relates to the influence of architects of the wealthy searching for an architecture that was America.  Quality materials and accessories were used to complement the style.  Experience of W.W. Welch to build commercial buildings on a much larger scale proved to help the home withstand time in the same manner.


The W.T.S. White House is a documented work of William W. Welch, a major architect and builder in southwestern Iowa.  The activities of W.W. Welch have been important to the development of Clarinda and other cities.  He designed a number of large projects in Iowa and western Illinois.  In Creston, he built the Masonic Temple, a large Catholic church and also a Methodist Episcopal church.  He was awarded contracts for nearly all of the large and substantial buildings in Clarinda, including both residences and businesses.  Nearly all of the business blocks on the public square are monuments to his skill and handiwork.  He designed and erected the public library, which is without a doubt one of the prettiest in the state.  He was also executed contracts in Creston, Mount Pleasant, and Glenwood.  He was very active in public measures for the benefit of Clarinda and vicinity in promoting the attractive appearance and substantial character of the city.


The first owner, W.T.S. White, purchased the property in 1905 for $1900.00.  The house and carriage house were built and completed in March of 1906.  A wealthy man, White was president of the Clarinda Poultry Butter and Egg Company.  Produce was marketed in the United Sates, England and Scotland with annual sales of $3,000,000.  He was active in Clarinda in business and community development.  W.T.S. White was on the Board of Directors of the Clarinda National Bank and chief promoter of the Clarinda Improvement Club.  In 1907 he moved to Chicago and later to Brookline, Massachusetts, where he died in 1943.


A.V. and Agnes Hunt purchased the property from W.T.S. White for $8,000.00.  After passing through two short-term owners, the property was purchased in 1920 by Allen and Minnie Rose Davison for $12,000.00.  In 1938 their daughter, Essie Pearl Davison, inherited the property and lived there until 1991.  In 1992, the Essie Davison Estate sold the property to its present owners, Byron and Gail Barr.


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